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Marvel's RegResult system is the exhibitor's service counter for everything having to do with visitor registration. You are able to view or make changes to a number of details with a personal login code.


Organisers of many exhibitions and events provide exhibitors with invitations free of charge. These are given unique registration numbers, which are linked to the exhibitor. All of the details of your registrations can be viewed and downloaded via RegResult. You know exactly who you can expect and can therefore react proactively.

Link on your own website

With your unique company registration link, visitors can sign-up directly via your website. You can also include this link in an invitation via the e-mail so that your (potential) clients and relations can easily register for a visit. The registration link can be downloaded simply via RegResult.

Personal welcome on your registration page

You are able to include a personal note on your registration page. As soon as the system recognises that the visitor has made use of your invitation (with an invitation card or via your own website), a welcome message becomes visible. The standard message is a referral to your stand, but you can also provide your own personal note.

Set-up and dismantling tickets and exhibitor badges

Set-up and dismantling tickets as well as access badges for your stand crew members or stand construction personnel can be ordered easily via RegResult.

Databadge Reader

Via RegResult you can also order the Databadge Reader for use during the exhibition or event. Click on the Databadge Reader page for details, brochure and instructions for use!

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