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You can order a Marvel Lead Scanner for use during the exhibition, event or convention. This allows you to benefit from the advantages quickly and practically. The visitors have a personal badge with a barcode that comprises a treasure chest of personal information. In addition to basic information, such as the company name, contact person and address details, this barcode also often includes information about e.g. authorisation, areas of interest and company size. In fact, the barcode offers a complete profile of the visitor and the organisation that he or she represents.


With the Wireless Lead Tablet you are able to directly read, amend and save the visitor details. With one click you have the immediate access to complete details of your visitors listed in a user-friendly interface.

During the exhibition you can download a file through the RegResult Portal with all of the leads collected by the Wireless Lead Tablet.

This file gives you an outstanding overview of all of the visitors who have been scanned on your stand. It also allows you to immediately get started with your follow-up activities.

On the following pages you will find an overview of the possibilities and applications provided by the Wireless Lead Tablet.


With the LeadScanner app you can scan visitor badges with your own smartphone or tablet. For this purpose, all visitors badge have a QR code. After scanning the QR code you can immediately view and alter all contact details, and also add action codes and your own notes.

All your leads are directly available in the RegResult portal, provided there is an internet connection. There you can browse your leads, and export PDF and Excel files.

To structure your follow up, you can program a list of follow-up codes and/or salespersons into the app.This works in a similar way to the normal Databadge Reader. After ordering and entering your lists, they wll automatically appear in the app.

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